Slow Erase

‘The Great Culling of Humanity’

We are a group of individuals who have chosen to lift the veil; to gaze upon the previously unknown. To traverse our lives and navigate the current world-wide collapse.

We are the collective consciousness awakening to truth. The answers to the questions exist, it is time for us to reclaim our power.

Wat is “Slow Erase”?

SLOW ERASE: ‘The Great Culling of Humanity‘…

With the current trajectory, this “slow erase” is the inevitable conclusion to the status and direction of our entire civilization. A massive orchestration that will erase everything as we know it…all carbon based life is threatened.

The many operations that have taken place by those in places of power, detail the plans as to what lay ahead for the all of humanity and all life on the planet. Our current reality and future is being shaped by the efforts of psychological/ social engineering, biological/ DNA manipulations, chemical introductions, quantum field tampering, A.I. singularity, and the countless crimes against humanity by the design of an insidious criminal infrastructure masquerading as world governments, central banks, medical & military industrial complexes and religious institutions.

We must search for truth…no matter where that truth may lead!…

Please investigate the information presented throughout this website. There are many free downloadable documents and educational links provided.

Let us join together in a common humanitarian bond to free ourselves from a totalitarian system of control that has threatened all existence.

Do you want to do something to help?

Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the efforts of the greater good. We are a growing community welcoming you to join us in exposing truth. Our unity, is our strength.

United we stand…divided we fall…

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