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Deborah Tavares – Emergency Alert 03/05/2021

Deborah Tavares operates and has been warning humanity of the war that has been waged against agains us all. This recent broadcast from Deborah is very difficult to take in…we are at a very late hour and we must listen to everything she has to say.

Please share her video far and wide, we must do all we can to survive!

This is Humanity’s last stand!

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Covid-19 Food Supply Geoengineering Human Rights Search For Truth Technology Vaccines

Critical Warning Call to Humanity

Let’s get one thing straight…no matter what perceived differences there are across our modern civilization…WE ARE AT WAR!

“Knowledge is power” …the knowledge and truth is being censored.

This war has been waged long ago, against the people. A silent/ covert war to end all wars. A war that was planned with the resolution of absolute totalitarian control for those in the highest seats of the wealth and power of this domain we inhabit.


The year 2020 brought us the so-called “C0rona-19 pandemic”; changing the very fabric of society. The scam could not be more apparent (for those who have been paying attention). The TV is a psychological warfare tool; deployed upon humanity to condition and control the vast majority of the population.

Serious infringements upon our medical freedoms have commenced, the governments seem to be working together in “lockstep” (reference to the Rockefeller Foundation’s “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development“) to impose serious violations of our human rights.

From inconclusive pseudoscientific PCR testing (with large percentage false positives), This medical “establishment” has failed to perform a Koch’s Postulate on the supposed Covid-19 (never isolating and “proving it), and the endless “coincidences”, censorship and “double speak” that is coming from every angle of the establishment owned and manipulated main stream media.

There are now children being raised who know nothing of “what it was like before the Corona Virus”. Generations of children brought up in a world of fear and trauma…isolation and intimidation through subversion, indoctrination and coercion.

Mask mandates, medical mandates for covid testing, quarantine of the healthy, and further restrictions of our basic freedoms are ever expanding. This of course includes a vaccine (or vaccines) that will be pushed upon the population. These dangerous formulations of hazardous compounds are been developed at “Warp Speed” (per Trump’s announced program).

This new generations of RNA/DMA modifying vaccines has implications beyond imagination. Technology built in, that everyone should be aware of… like “Hydrogel”, “Luciferase”, self replicating nano-technology, and bio-uplink crypto currency of humans to the cloud/ internet of things (ie main-frame/ A.I. “beast system” as told in prophecy).

Once governments take the freedoms from the people, do you really think they plan to give them back?

Government, medical industry, military, religion, science/technology and the central banks that are all owned and operated by the same criminal psychopaths at the top of the pyramid…

The food has been poisoned and genetically altered. The water has been poisoned, and the skies have been sprayed with nano particulate in the form of “stratospheric aerosol injection” or “solar radiation management”.

…just follow the money. A lot of answers may be found there…

Tough pill to swallow, but these organizations and illegitimate governments at large, are all working together…it has been a war against the citizens. A “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars“, if you will.

A time soon comes where we will all have to make tough decisions…

The “Peoples” Choices?

Today is the 2020 presidential “SELECTION” that is going to send shock waves across the world. Whichever way it goes, it will likely result in civil unrest, if not all out civil war….easy to further the police state and announce martial law in some regions.


On one wing (the right wing) we have the cockwomble, reality TV show character of a president, Donald J. Trump. He is thought by all the gun-toting “patriots”, “Q’Anons”, and supporters of the republican party, to be the one president who will “Make America Great Again”.

The democratic party and democratic supporters seeing Trump as the bigoted, far-right megalomaniac that is the cause of all current political, societal and economical problems. We have never seen a media so polarized against a president, ever. The hatred that is directed at this character I have seen come from peaceful people…

Seems like Trump sure knows how to play his part and keep the majority divided.


On the other wing (the left wing) we have the alleged Deep State, human trafficking, pedophiliac, ice cream and pizza eating, dementia mumbling democratic candidate, lifetime career-politician, Joe Biden (For which the mainstream media seems to ignore/bury any of his apparent corrupt connections/actions?)…

The radicalized left has been called “Antifa” and have been responsible for invoking violence, starting fires, and furthering lawlessness in some cities.
A Trump win gives these groups the fuel they need to commit violent crimes riots/ demonstrations to “burn it down”…

A Biden win would call “the patriots” to arms to aid in bringing down the deep state…
No matter who is “selected” for the presidency we are going to hit hard…there is a storm coming…

Let us comprehend the backstories with all the corruption across both political parties and both candidates…

Both candidates answer to more “powerful” men.

They get paid to play their part and are the establishment’s main-stage actors.

The “Q Annon” movement should be a big indicator that there is much more “fucked-upedness” than any of us are honestly aware of.

Right, what is really taking place in this world around us!?

“The Establishment”

The level of evil that is present must be brought to the light. The CIA, NSA, FBI, CDC, FDA and all the other bullshit regulatory/ intelligence alphabet agencies, are ALL corrupt. The very core of all the major divisions of any important (profitable) organization in the world has been infiltrated by those who are proceeding with this war on humanity. These agencies are of course in tight partnerships with major tech and retail giants like Facebook and Amazon, and the hand-full of families, secret societies, and corporate oligarchs that have served as the “rulers” of the people for far too long.

Before the circus comes to town (today…election day), let us look upon this world…what do we see? Is this a place that reflects the true nature of human consciousness? Or, have there been certain manipulations to our societal structure that have allowed for illegitimate centralized power structures to enslaved humanity.

No, we have not been vigilant. We have failed to see their messages in plain sight.
Do you know?…how did “the establishment” become “established”?…
Well. those who conquered lands and resources (in our told history), committed acts of genocide, hired people to protect their reign over the populations, and have pushed an endless war through perceived differences, division, manipulation and coercion.

The establishment has never been, “unestablished”…the same criminal psychopaths are in control and have big plans that they are proceeding with.

They want complete control of everything (and I mean everything)…it is the agenda for the 21st century (United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030)…

It’s The Technology!

Their centuries old plans to become “immortal” through technological and genetic modification coupled with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) which quite frankly may have already reached “singularity” and is guiding humanity on the current state of assimilation into the “main-frame”, “hive mind”, “internet of things”.

It all comes down to “their” technology…it was never for “us”. Understand that the level of genetics/DNA manipulation is likely beyond what we have seen in many science “fiction” movies.

The “smart” phone/device has “captured” our attention and quite possibly our souls…the legends of the “scrying mirrors” and how many individuals have become personal prisoners to their personal prison “CELL” (phone). Their prison “CELL” even has “BARS”.

The CIA operations utilizing concepts of conditioning the human mind, the time-frame/duration and techniques to do so, has proven that 12 years is a satisfactory time to develop strong ideological subversion across a whole generation….turning the majority of the population into mind controlled slaves.

Yup, it just so happens that 12 years ago the world was presented the worlds first “smart device”, Apple’s iPhone. It changed everything; now there are whole generations that do not now what it is like to not have the “cyborg’ assisted life. So many are helplessly addicted to the technology and refuse to let it go…unfortunately, the path to hell is paved with good intentions.
Your convenient life…with your GPS assisted, microwave WiFi emitting, biologically disrupting tracking device…It does NOT look good on you…we must let go…

The contact tracing, social crediting algorithms are staged an in place for the future planned lockdowns and mass testing and quarantine mandates. The technology is how they are going to make all come together in a totalitarian technocratic digital dystopia.

They have pushed smart technology that we can cary with us…then it was wearable (iWatch), now it’s implantable.

Who Wins The Presidency?

So, there will be the ritual questioning/ validity of the vote counts, and the media hyped voter fraud propaganda.

Trump is that leader who can keep the “patriots” sitting on there hands “trusting the plan” by the CIA psychological operation that is known as the “Q” movement.
So, a trump presidency we will likely continue to have.

As the current “charismatic leader” as seen in the 1995 Illuminati card game collectors cards (below).

The Continued Pandemic Narrative

A continued Trump presidency with much drama and division among the political and social spectrum, new greater waves of a “perceived virus” that started out as Covid-19 has mutated into a different strain that will be labeled by the media as Covid-21.
The hospitals will truly be overloaded with individuals severe experiencing respiratory distress (Remember the “I can’t breath” mantra after the the short lived media spotlight of the George Floyd death).

But what is being experienced? Is it really a virus, or could the manipulation of microwave radiation (5G technology) and other electromagnetic weapons be responsible? There is a big red flag there! During the initial “lockdown” there was a big push to continue the installations of 5G and wireless technology “internet of things” by the president and all major tech companies.

The implications of this technology is horrifying. A highly recommended book (that dives deep into virus theory and electromagnetisms effect on health) is the recently published (and instantly banned on Amazon) is “The Contagion Myth“.

Remember…it all comes back to “their” technology. Genetic modifications, 5G/microwaves/the “Internet of Things”, and Artificial Intelligence are our greatest threats of our time.

Religion & Faith

All major religions have been created as control methods for the populations. A book called the “Holy Bible” provides the foundation for which this society has been built upon.
Having the biblical name that was given to me at birth, I felt it my responsibility to understand where this name came from…

The fact is that the majority of our society has been built off the blood shed, led by beliefs from this one book; that is supposedly “inspired” by the word of god, but “written” by corrupt men…

It is my opinion that what we find in scripture was written by those in power at that time, and the same fraternal orders are fulfilling the prophecies written on those pages so long ago…

They have been playing…”the long game”.

To Sum It Up

Trump and Biden are just puppets for the “shadow government” (the names no one knows, the faces no one recognizes)…the puppet masters. We know some of them…they are the owners, the rulers…these wannabe technocratic overlords preselect every president and the election process is fake; existing to divide.

Many are divided and fight with loved ones over which morally bankrupt, pedophile they each want to win a pretend contest…

It’s a really big show…all the actors are playing their parts!

Although I have wanted to write this article for some time, and just scream the truth from the mountain tops…yet, I have put it off until the last day of the election (so it is sure to be full of grammatical errors, and much is to be left out…the rabbit holes seem to all connect)…
I do feel I need to publish this before we know who will take the presidency…
Yet, nothing I say or do will change the outcome of what is at play here, and some details may arrive differently, but the end game results are the same…humanity is not favored in what is taking place.

We are going to be presented some very serious situations in the coming year, and beyond…

My predictions (or just what I understand they have been telling us they are doing):

  • Trump wins the election
  • Civil Unrest/ Potential for civil war
  • Riots and chaos that will pursue the election will give way to events that will give the media new propaganda to drive fear and anger in the population
  • This will lead to what the mainstream narrative will call a second/third wave of the covid-19 pandemic
  • A few months in we will likely see what they will call some form of viral mutation and the new strain will be called Covid-21
  • All the wile further and continued house arrest for the population at large.
  • Travel will be severely limited or halt all together
  • The continued destruction of the food/supply chain will result in widespread shortages and many will fall completely dependent on government just to survive…
  • This gives way to the socialistic/communistic desire for a “universal Income” that is provided to the people by the government.
  • They will continue to faze out paper currency in favor for all digital transactions.
  • The push for the “One World Government” “One World Religion”
  • The digital “crypto currency” that they will normalize will be tied to Microsoft’s patent technology for biological cryptocurrency integration. For further information on that just look into the (IN YOUR FACE) patent number: WO2020060606
  • Medical mandates (The “Nuremberg Code” exists for a reason.)

Own your freedoms!

So, what do I do?

Don’t do what you’re told! Non-compliance!…

People don’t want to admit that the solution is themselves. That they are the problem…WE, are the problem…

Whenever we comply with this corrupt system, we are the problem. Whenever we believe in “authority”, we are the problem.

Whenever we cast a vote for the “lesser” evil, we cast a vote for “EVIL”.
What type of evil ritual are they persuading everyone to participate in…”YA GOTTA VOTE!”…

The solution is simple…do not comply!
It is much better to stand up for ourselves now before we no longer have the ability to.
But we need everyone; we need all of our brothers and sisters in the military and law enforcement to “NOT” follow orders. (The worst crimes in history have been committed by those who simply “followed orders”).
Everyone, breathe and brace yourself for some harsh times ahead. 
…PREPARE!…(physically, mentally and spiritually)…

This decade is set for “humanities last stand”.

Never give up…Never surrender…the human spirit is eternal.

Freedom is the only option…Source, love

Covid-19 Documents Food Supply Geoengineering Human Rights Search For Truth Technology Vaccines

Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

Brought to us in 2010 by the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION, we find what is practically a play-by-play of what we can see unfolding in today’s world.

This document brings to us the concept of “LOCK STEP”…
From page 18: LOCK STEP: A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.

Page 19 Excerpt:

We have entered the “globalist” plan of a “New World Order”. This is an ultimate authoritarian state that will employ a “Digital Population Control Network”.

The deployment of incredible technologies like the 5G wireless grid, Nano technology, DNA modification/manipulation, Artificial Intelligence, and vast synergistic integrations between these and many other technologies, will create a dystopian reality that can only be scratching the surface of “fictitious” novels like George Orwell’s ‘1984’ and Aldous Huxley’s ‘A Brave New World’.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” Coupled with the “United Nations: Agenda 2030” every person, animal, plant, water, air earth will be “owned”, inventoried, tracked, tracked and ultimately be artificially controlled by a small group of individuals for whom we do not know. They are the ones that have been working in the shadows…They are the entities that determine humanities course, and have been the “hidden hand” guiding society to this future.

A plan for the future!
(a video explanation of the “Scenarios” document).

We are well in the midst of this plan for TOTAL CONTROL! We the people have got to wake up to the realties unfolding in this world around us. How many “coincidences” are required before something is no longer a “coincidence”?

The division among the populous of the world has been created by those that want to uphold the status quo. It is time we drop all of our perceived differences:
IN LAKE’CH (Mayan term translated into English means “I am another yourself”)

The power lay with us…we have one of two choices…


Download Original PDF here:

Visit the Slow Erase “Documents (FREE)” page for this and other important documents to download.

Please share truth with all those you speak too!

Covid-19 Documenatarys Food Supply Geoengineering Get Involved Human Rights Search For Truth Technology Vaccines

THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream…uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

THRIVE is a very important “MUST watch” documentary for everyone who respects life and freedom. Being translated to something like 27 different languages, apparently ‘Thrive’ now has the most views recorded for any documentary in history!? The information in this documentary is very important for humanity to “OVERERSTAND”!
And, us here at Slow Erase are very happy that these amazing souls (Mr./Mrs. Gamble and other thrive contributors) have produced, and are scheduled to release ‘THRIVE 2’ later this month, August 26, 2020!

Please, watch these documentaries (‘THRIVE’ linked below, and ‘THRIVE 2’ when it is released later this month). Please share it with everyone!

Love and blessings, my family… is it time for us to THRIVE!?…

Thrive 2 updates and ordering information:

Visit the Thrive Movement website here:

Geoengineering Human Rights Search For Truth Technology Vaccines

GMO Mosquito For All!

This is the heartwarming video that was released on Bill Gates’ YouTube Channel after the FDA approved Gates funded program to release 750 million GMO mosquitoes across Florida Keys.

Mosquitoes are listed as the MOST DEADLY animal on the planet. With death counts estimated to be around 750,00 people people a year?!

So, let’s be really clear with this…
Bill Gates has funded the genetic modification of the most deadly animal on the planet to HELP (save?) the people from the standard mosquito that kills so many…(is that what we are supposed to believe?)…
Bill gates, his foundation and all the globalist that are funding his efforts, are also creating a so called “RNA vaccine” (At “WARP SPEED”) to “save” us from a PERCEIVED virus that may or may not even exist as we are led to believe by the MSM?…

And, do we really think that casting a vote for a pre-selected “head-on-a-stick/ Talking-head” government agent will make a positive change?…
No more time for the foolish lies we’ve been programed with…
Abolish the fear/trauma based reality that we are in; we are all going to die our human death…let go of that fear…
Now…are you going to TRULY live?!

It is a very late hour in TRUE human history…WAKE UP NOW!

…something wicked this way comes…

Watch Bill Gates’ GMO Mosquito YouTube Video

Documenatarys Geoengineering

Geoengineering Documentary Frankenskies

FrankenSkies is an 80 minute social change documentary regarding the Solar Geoengineering/Chemtrail agenda that affects every living being on earth. The struggle of bringing awareness to this subject, despite the obstacles of a socially engineered populace and the military industrial complex with its endless resources, is palpable in this awakening truth feature.

Watch Frankenskies Documentary

An impeccably timed eye opening expose, the film reveals the campaign to normalize chemical cloud formations via atmospheric aerosol dispersals. Up against a normalization timetable encompassing a controlled media and an indoctrinated educational and political system, activists ask the question : Is your silence your consent?

A shocking informative film on climate engineering, frequency control and CIA manipulation, the film’s narrative unfolds through a historical timeline of experimentation on humanity, bringing us to a modern day laboratory that encompasses the air we breath and dictates when and where the sun shall shine, or not…


Food Supply Geoengineering Human Rights Search For Truth Technology Vaccines

Renowned Political Artist David Dees Announced Dead

Renowned political artist, David Dees recent death was announced by his family. At this time, the cause of death has not been announced.

In a recent email to subscribers, Dees announced that he had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer, and that he has declined any orthodox medical treatment for the condition.

David Dees obituary is not available at this time. This article will be updated with new details once available.

The famous political artist, and former Sesame Street illustrator, David Dees’ work has influenced people around the world to see the surrounding construct of manipulation and control…

More about Dees

After Dees’ personal “awakening”, he knew he must leave his job at Sesame Street and create images to raise awareness of the plans set in place by the totalitarian infrastructure….

Dees’ art pioneered the role of memes in our current culture, and has played a big part in exposing the evil agendas by those in power. Dees’ amazing artwork has been instrumental in waking up millions of people world-wide….

Thank you for your honest service to humanity, Mr. Dees! You have truly made an impact here…

…Fly free…

Visit David Dees Website to view his work and support his cause:

Documents Geoengineering Search For Truth Technology

US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification

Weather Modification – Programs, Problems, Policy, And Potential (May 1978, 784 pages)

Visit below to download the massive US Senate Document for FREE :

Geoengineering Search For Truth Technology


There are “environmental” concerns that are recognized as some of today’s most influential threats to health and wellness. In this article we will be addressing the top secret practice known as climate engineering or geoengineering. This is one of many articles that we will cover on the topic of geoengineering and related environmental experiments being conducted. In most cases, these programs are being deployed without public knowledge or consent.
Geoengineering is a controversial subject that has gained heavy debate among the general population. It is a topic that has been shrouded in secrecy and much disinformation has been spread in order to keep it hidden from the masses.  In the past, individuals who exposed and discussed this matter, were often ostracized and labeled as “crazy”, or “conspiracy theorists”. Mainstream media and other arenas of influence have used these type of methods to discredit, suppress and alienate those who have shined a light on real issues that are being hidden from the general public. With the general public “programed” to disregard these controversies, it has allowed room for major climate modification experiments to take place.
To describe geoengineering in one sentence:
Geoengineering involves top secret government programs put in place to manipulate the weather.

Geoengineering and the methods used were previously denied for many years; until recently the government has admitted to the fact that their scientists have conducted experiments that involve altering the climate. These government officials and climate engineers state that the purpose is in effort to combat climate change/ global warming, and aid in cooling the earth. Essentially “the story” is, they’re spraying metallic/ chemical aerosols to coat the skies with a type of reflective “sunscreen” (as a form of solar radiation management).
Yes, that’s right…“the powers that believe they be”, are spraying our skies with toxic nano particles all without the public’s informed consent!
This has been going on for many years, and finally it has come to the point that it can not be hidden or denied any longer. As information on geoengineering is classified, there has been no official disclosure by the government as to what types of metals, and chemical compounds are being used; or how it’s administered.
We know that these climate modification aerosols are generally sprayed from modified jetliners outfitted with the equipment to perform these operations. It has also been identified that some of the geoengineering compounds have been added to commercial jet fuels, and will then be aerosolized through the burning of the jet fuels.
There is an argument that’s been pushed, and that’s the idea that the smoke trails from behind jets are condensation trails or “contrails”; but this has been proven to be false. The High -bypass Turbo Fan Jet Engine is incapable of producing condensation but under the most extreme circumstances. It is scientifically impossible for the trails we see behind jets to be condensation trails. The smoke trails that we see behind jets (leaving those streaks of smoke dissipating through the sky), is in fact climate engineering chemicals being spread through the stratosphere.

View a short video about the High-bypass Turbo Engine below:

What are the Effects of geoengineering on health?

With geoengineering compounds sprayed through the skies, we receive the fallout. We are breathing these particles with our every breath we take. The implications are truly horrifying.

We do not know the true nature of these compounds and what the list of ingredients include. Our food and water sources have these compounds in them from the fallout, and there is no scientific studies on effects on the environment and health. These are nano particles that can not be filtered out, and life as we know it is being affected…but to what degree?
The concern over the chemical content of these aerial sprays is a valid one. Two of the main components identified through various environmental sampling are Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium all of which are commonly found now in food, air, water, and soil samples. The argument may be that our exposure to these materials through geoengineering has produced no detrimental effects, and therefore they are safe to use in these experimental programs.

In reality, these elements are being found in unprecedented concentrations throughout our environment. These nano particles are actually further increasing the climate crisis, and other ecological catastrophes that are being experienced.

Dane Wigington

Dane Wigington is a leading speaker and activist on the subject of geoengineering and climate modification. He lives on the west coast of California, and has conducted numerous studies and held many conferences discussing the threat of climate change through geoengineering. Dane heads the website Please visit his site to stay informed for current geoengineering news and updates.
In a recent speech, Dane discussed that he received information that a stated goal of climate engineers is to spray 20 million tons of aluminum nano particles into the atmosphere annually, and no formal studies have been conducted on the effects of dumping this material into our atmosphere.
There have been numerous independent lab tests of air, earth, and water samples that all show extremely high levels of Aluminum.
Aluminum has been linked to neurological disorders such as Alzheimer, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, dementia,  ADHD, and autism. Aluminum effects the central nervous system, and those with aluminum toxicity have been recognized to display symptoms as seen from these neurological disorders.
In the last decade have we seen an staggering increase in Alzheimer’s and Autism, both of these diseases have been linked with high levels of aluminum in the body. If you look at the statistics, the remarkable increase of these diseases are too drastic to not be a result of something that the people have been introduce to. Could this be a result of geoengineering?
We have seen large numbers of plants and animals going extinct every year. Its estimated that we are losing over 200 species a year, and this number is increasing. The air, the water and the forest are all effected by this nano particulate fallout.
Dane Wigington addresses concerned citizens from the medical community and general public at major global awareness events and his Global Alert News hour radio show.

Media suppression

The sky being blanketed from the geoengineering practice called “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection” (SRI)

Scientific research and public knowledge of geoengineering has been repressed. Topics regarding climate engineering are are not covered by mainstream media (The Big Six). There are a large number of people discrediting the hazards of climate engineering who lack the background and data to do so. Just as well, there are the many public officials and scientists who have been “bought and sold”. These individuals are essentially protecting their jobs and continue to remain silent, or discredit the topic of geoengineering and climate modification. This leads to the state we’re in…factual information about geoengineering is being dismissed or repressed. People simply do not know about this, because it’s being hidden.
When required to address geoengineering, the mainstream media pushes the “chemtrail conspiracy theory” ideal, and paints the picture of nut-jobs wearing a tinfoil hats. This is blatant slander, and discredits the reality of what is actually being conducted through geoengineering practices.
More people need to look up at our skies, do their own investigations, and talk with others to see what they know (or don’t know)?

Climate engineering is here, it is real, and it’s been going on for years.


Another piece of technology that’s in the climate engineer’s tool box, is the installation facility of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)
In 1975, experiments were being conducted with extremely low frequency (ELF) communications as a way to contact submarines when normal communication channels were down. With this technology, large amounts of energy could be sent into the ionosphere, and it was discovered that these “ionospheric heaters” could help pulse ELF waves more efficiently. This makes it possible to affect the ionosphere of any given region, which will inevitably alter the weather in that region.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
In 1995 the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force formed HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, in Alaska. Official sources claim that HAARP is purely a communications project for civilian and defense purposes.
It should be noted that in one of  it’s patents, states the possibility for weather modification uses (although HAARP use for weather manipulation been denied). However, many feel it appears that it may have the capability to be the most advanced and powerful weapon on Earth; with the ability create natural disasters around the globe.
In 2014, HAARP in Alaska was reportedly shut down, although it has been recognized as still operational to this day. There is now also the understanding that there are multiple HAARP installations around the world. These installations include next generation technology, including HARRP installation on a large ship that can navigate our seas to various location around the globe.

Climate Weaponry

Colliers Magazine cover from May 1954

Yes, there is belief that geoengineering technology could be (or already is) weaponized. Well, let’s think about that?…
Could any of the large natural disasters that we’ve had in the last few decades, have any influence from nano metallic atmospheric aerosols and HAARP?
…spray nano metallic chemical compounds throughout the stratosphere, and send large amounts of energy into the ionosphere to control those nano particles… If we think about it, this highlights the potential to create any type of weather pattern in that geographical location.
Could it be about controlling the weather, in order to control the people?
We should all come to the realization that, geoengineering is climate warfare. It should also be considered biological warfare (as it is infiltrating our precious air, water and soil). It is unavoidable and has had a ripple effect throughout the entire world. This is all funded through the same big companies and mad scientist who created our food through genetic modifications; then slid the GMOs into the food supply without informed consent.
In terms of climate warfare, they are able to create what is perceived as “natural disasters” like severe storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, tornadoes and extreme temperature conditions. The ultimate weapon…

When we talk about climate “change”, we must first address climate “engineering”.

What do they know that they’re not telling us? We all have a right to know what is being done to manipulate the weather, and the public needs a full disclosure of the climate engineering efforts.

The California Droughts

Let’s address the ongoing, critical droughts in California. The spraying of our skies along the west coast is witnessed by many of the general population just about any day of the week. There are numerous photos and video that demonstrate the grand scale operation that is being conducted in the skies over California.
It’s been identified that through geoengineering efforts, there has been an artificial pressure system put in place over the west cost of California. This would push storm systems around the west coast, eliminating rainfall in that region. Geoengineering may be recognized as the root cause of this record high drought. If that’s the case, why would these operations be going on? Why would they be doing that to the west coast?
One reason to speculate may be that California is that largest agricultural state in the nation; supplying food produced all throughout the US as well as exported to foreign countries. With California’s continued drought, farmers will be driven off their land and food harvests will drastically decrease. If this happens, it will cause a major food shortage, impacting the food supply chain world-wide.
With the scarcity of food and water the government will likely be able to justify furthering their control of our personal rights and step in to “help” (all for our safety, of course). With the general public ignorant to the fact that the drought has been “engineered”, the masses would believe that the government is now helping with relief efforts from a “natural disaster”. However, this is far from “natural”. It is without question, weather warfare!
Control the food, control the life…looks like we might be able to see part of a bigger picture here…


Power and control. It seems to circle back to the people that have the power and the money to fund anything…
We all should do our own research on these topics, continue to ask questions, and inform others of the real world application of geoengineering. The magnitude of climate modification and its impact on life as we know it, can not be understated.

Now that we know geoengineering is taking place, what are we going to do?

We can ignore the facts, and the the outcome would lead us to further destruction of environment and life…ultimately to our very extinction. Or, we can come together with everyone else who will stand up, speak out and let the truth be told. We can put and end to the artificial control of our weather systems, and the weather warfare that is being conducted.
We must bring this topic into the mainstream discussion; the people need to know. Educate and unite the people, and we will put an end to these geoengineering operations. The risk is too great; weather warfare offers an unrecoverable outcome. Allowing these environmental assaults to continue as they are, would inevitably lead us to the point of no return.
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What is “this”?

In 2001 I was rattled out of my slumber…something happened that shook the world. What took place and what was presented to us by the MSM did not make sense to me and many others. I began to dig deep into understanding what might be going on and what we’re not being told?
At that time I had no Idea where my inquisitions would lead me? What I uncovered rattled me to the core. Struggling with the information that was found, I realized that there is much more to this puzzle. Since then (19 years) I have spent a significant percentage of time investigating many topics and deep thought process around them.
There are so many questions I have…many more questions than answers…
Who are we? Where did we come from? How did we get here? Where are we? What’s going on here? Where are we going?… has our true history been hidden from us?…
We have been told what to believe since the day we are born. There is so much in our history that does not add up to what we have been told to believe. There are connections between certain groups and families that have shaped our civilization. We are standing on the graveyard of past civilizations. How did they live; what were their beliefs?
I have put together a list of topics (in no specific order). Most of the topics I have spent countless hours investigating/researching.
This list identifies very curious details of the world around us. Let’s look into real FACTS, and topics that have been presented to us in this reality.
Now, the average “in the box” thinker may be quick to simply ridicule or ostracize someone that is looking into some of these topics. That would be a programed response from social conditioning and personal fear.
Please note, nothing listed is based around “theory”. I am only interested in looking into topics and validating with substantiating FACTS. With this knowledge, we will be able to put together some pieces of the puzzle and have a better understanding of what is taking place in our surroundings, and on the “whirled stage”.

All those looking for truth, I would like to ask for all of your participation, so we might learn and grow together.
Please conduct your own deep investigations into each and every topic presented on the list, and then share your findings with others.

We must seek knowledge and truth in this age of deception. And, with Michelangelo’s death-bed parting words… “I’m still learning.”

So, with that…let’s dig into a lot of topics…

…What do you really know about _________?
(Are there any connections?)

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