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Divine Image Destroyed

I would like to share some of my opinions after spending close to a lifetime paying attention….

There is much more going on than meets the eye. We must look inside to see that God is truly within us. To desecrate the temple of God is to defile one’s body…

Having been given a biblical name at birth, as adult I found it necessary as to comprehend what this title represents. I found conflict in the scripture, and further recognized that this book was bastardized by the Roman Catholic Church (Jesuits, Freemasons, and others from the “Babylonian Mystery Schools”); this book is the foundation that formed our current society. I recognize much truth and deception in this book (written by man). I see it both as means of salvation and CULTural imprisonment. To understand what I mean by this, much investigation into the fine details of exoteric and esoteric information of our told/untold history is required.

Though I claim no religious denomination, Christ consciousness is truly inside me. I hold faith in my heart and soul…and “I AM” made in the image of the creator…just like you…

Many that follow the teachings of Jesus and identify as Christians are some of the best individuals I have come to know. Unfortunately, I know many self proclaimed Christians that have never even picked up the book. I know some that go to church regularly and have apparently not learned a thing from the teaching of Jesus, as they proceed to live in ignorance and blasphemy. I wonder if things would be different if they truly read the scripture and looked deep within themselves to know God?…
For those who have have been greatly deceived in this current “reality” we face… I do not feel that it is too late. But, you must first get past the ego and ask for forgiveness and guidance. There are many individuals ready and willing to help you on your journey. However, your journey is just that, “your” journey…

Today, I would like to share with you an important video to comprehend. Whether you claim to be Christian or not, this video IS for YOU. We all have the opportunity to form our relationship with God (and there has never been a better time in our “told” history to do so). In my humble opinion, forming this relationship does not require one to follow a strict doctrine provided by empires of past and present, but rather to truly know oneself, go inside and let God guide you…

The link below is to Part 1 of “Divine Image Destroyed”. Originally a podcast by Christine Beadsworth that was rendered into a video.

This video has been translated in French, Italian, Spanish, and Filipino. These videos are hosted on Christine Beadworth’s website, FreshOilReleases…
Veiw “Divine Image Destroyed (part 1)


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