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Race Riots Unfold In Wake of George Floyd Murder

Police Officer’s Alleged Murder of George Floyd Results In Violent Protests Across The Country

On May 27, 2020 with the world watching (via a Facebook live stream), a horrific event unfolds. A police officer knelt on a restrained man’s neck for minutes after the man remain unresponsive.
Bystanders who witnessed this apparent murder, continuously ask the offending officer ( Derek Chauvin) to get off the man (George Floyd) and check his vitals, as he was “unresponsive”.

Is it possible this may be a premeditated orchestration to further divide the population, incite civil unrest, and bring in new mandates (during a world-wide pandemic/plan, economic & social collapse/”demolition”) “for our safety”, of course?…

Analyzing some of the details surrounding this pivotal event:

1. Might these be two different men seen in these pictures above? (hairline, ears). Some say that These may be two different men?

2. It is a matter of record, this POS, Derek Chauvin (murderer, and/or crisis actor), and George Floyd (“reported” as deceased) worked as security guards with overlapping shifts for many years at the same club (up until the club was sold a year or so ago)…did you get that?… THEY WORKED THE SAME SHIFT AS SECURITY GUARDS, AT THE SAME CLUB!?

3. Derek Chauvin’s neighbors lived next to him for years and never even knew Chauvin was a police officer. They never once saw a patrol car, other officers, or anything that would have suggested he was a police officer?

4. The “paramedics” that arrive on the scene (with Chauvin still kneeling on Floyd’s neck), and the EMT appear to be armed police officers (with tan uniforms and body armor)…they just casually roll the unresponsive person onto a stretcher, no vitals, nothing…you telling us these guys are trained EMT first responders?

5. George Floyd has history as a paid actor (in the porn industry)

6. There are reports of “Agent Provocateurs” throughout current riot scenes taking place.

There have been reports of documents being found at some riot scenes. These documents are from “Friends of Democracy” (An organization started by Jonathan Soros). These documents (allegedly found a past scenes) outline the practices for instigating riots and inciting violence , among other operations requirements.

For a great video report on this subject Check out Jeff Censored! YouTube Video Below:

What’s really going on?

This sure looks like a classic “FALSE FLAG” event!

What if?…

Both men were handsomely compensated for their performance on the world stage, and are now living out the rest of their lives with worldly riches?…


Perhaps they were threatened…left with no choice (when their family’s lives were on the line)?

Whatever “this” is, it’s not what it appears to be at first glance.

Whatever “this” is, It reeks!

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Great distraction from all the other agendas going on… is it possible that we are being put under a “spell” to divide us “citizens” while our government continues its plan to keep us safe from this crazy world we live in!