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Deepfake Technology

Not only are we bombarded with “Fake News”…there are also “Fake People” (and we do mean “FAKE”)!

You remember that old saying? Come on; we’ve all heard it… “don’t believe everything you see on TV”!
This old saying, we should sure take to heart. Why?…

Current computer technology is capable of rendering graphic images (stills and moving video w/ audio) that is indistinguishable from a “real” human. This is a technology known as “Deepfake”.

So…do we really know if that “person” in an image (or who we saw in a video on TV/on-line), is actually a “REAL” person?

The answer is an unfortunate, no.

Click for an informative video of what consumer Deepfake technology is capable of.

Even with the Deepfake software that is available to consumers, a very convincing video of your loved one could be rendered. Now imagine the Deepfake imaging tech that is in the hands of those who have the ability to endlessly print money?…

The truth is, Deepfake technology has past the point where we can identify a real person, from a Deepfake imposter.

A video of “virtually” anyone can be created (even though that event never took place) to drive a desired outcome.

The implications of this technology are quite concerning. Media manipulations, blackmail, and overall corruption of ANY media source is a result.

How much of what we watch on TV (and other media) is completely fabricated
Can we no longer trust what our eyes see, and our ears hear (at least coming out of a “box”)?…

Time to turn the screens off…

But, not before we check some of this out!

To view some lovely images of Deepfake people, visit the website (this person does not exist):
(each time you refresh the page in your browser, a new deepfake image will be displayed)

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